Micro Degrees

Micro Degrees each combine three thematically linked courses. They aim to give a broad range of knowledge concerning one relevant facet of sustainability (Business, Ecology, Social Issues).

As soon as you have completed all courses of a micro degree, we are going to award you a certificate, which testifies that you have intensively grappled with the chosen facet at university level.

Whether to supplement your application documents or out of personal interest in future-oriented skills: our Micro Degrees can help you to further your education in a target-oriented manner and in line with your interests. You can also have the three courses included in the Micro Degree credited to your studies (with the number of credit points specified in each case, a maximum of 9 credit points in total). Please contact the respective contact person at your university.

You don’t have to register seperately for the micro degrees. Just complete the courses, which are merged to a micro degree. We are going to award you with a certificate for each completed course. As soon as you have acquired all necessary certificates for a micro degree, we are awarding you with a certificate for the respective micro degree. Please contact us, as soon as you have succesfully completed all courses necessary and we are sending the certificate to you.