Giving lectures in front of a camera in a studio often feels uncomfortable. Unlike the more traditional approach of giving seminars and live lectures, the filming of a course comes with new and unconsidered challenges such as how to go about presentation of slides, the appropriate movement and gestures in front of the camera or even the appropriate dress for the filming. With the help of the psycholinguist and communication trainer Barbara Greese we produced some coaching videos (in German) to help address these challenges.

greeseThe person: Barbara Greese (M.A.) studied Philology and Psycholinguistic of Phonetic, Linguistics, Communication and Psychology at the University of Munich. She also graduated with a degree in Speech Training from Munich, Vienna and Zurich. Since 1991 Mrs. Greese has been a free-lancing Rhetoric and Communication Trainer for scientists and artists. She also works as a reciter for different ensembles.

A full introduction can be found in the following video. If you are interested in these coaching videos, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us and we will give you access to them.