1. What is the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?
The Virtual Academy of Sustainability offers all students of German universities an innovative array of learning possibilities in the context of a sustainable development. After completing the free of charge, video-based courses students receive credit points for their studies.

2. For whom is the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?
The program of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability is available to all interested students from German universities. However, also interested lecturers or the university administration are welcome to take the offer of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability and integrate education for a sustainable development in their respective teaching.
The courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability can also be used by interested individuals of the general public, who want to educate themselves.

3. What are the costs for attending courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability?
The courses are available via the homepage of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability anytime and free of charge. Furthermore, the registration on the learning platform as well as taking part in exams is free of charge for students.

4. What kinds of courses are available?
You can find all courses of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability via the internet portal www.va-bne.de. The offer is constantly being extended and evaluated. On the internet portal you can also find information about the contents and teachers of each learning video.

5. How does the registration for the courses work?
In case you want to take an exam at a certain course, you can register on the Learning Platform of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability. The Registratioen is free of charge and non-committal. Here you can access further learning material, e.g. lecture slides, accompaying work booklets and tests for self-evaluation, as well as get in touch with the team and register for exams.

6. When are the courses starting? Are there set attendance times or a determined rhythm?
There is no set procedure for the courses. You can register for the courses and exams anytime. In this manner, you can determine yourself, when, where and in which pace you want to learn. Exams are taking place at our partner universities in regular time intervals.

7. Is it mandatory to hand in work/write essays/do homework?
It is expected from you that you engage with the lecture topics beyond watching the videos. This can happen through practice tasks, work on further literature or the like. You can also find further information about this matter in the videos.

8. Does an exam take place and can this exam be completed online?
Exams are conducted as electronic exams. These can be took online at our partner universities. A list of our current partner universities as well as the current examination dates are available on our homepage. Additionally the current examination dates at the respective universities are being published on our Learning Platform

9. By when do I have to register for an exam?
Resitration must be done online on our Learning Platform at least one week before the examination date.

10. How is an exam going to look like?
The exam is going to be an electronic exam with closed questions. We are going to test your comprehension, fact- and transfer-knowledge with different types of questions. An illustrative exam can be accessed through the following link: http://uebung.eassessment.uni-bremen.de

11. How does the acceptance at my university happen?
Your university is a partner university of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability:
In this case, you can take the exam directly at your university, where you have a contact person on site.
Your university is not yet a partner university of the Virtual Academy of Sustainabiliy:
Even if your university is not listed as our partner university, you have the opportunity to complete courses at the Virtual Academy Sustainability and have them credited to your studies. In this case, you take the exam at one of our partner universities, which you can choose yourself. The subsequent crediting at your university is usually possible without any problems. Please contact the examination office of your university or a contact person at your department in advance.
If you are interested in your university becoming a partner university, please contact us by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
12. What are Mirco Degrees?
Micro Degrees combine three closely related courses. They aim to provide you with a broad knowledge of sustainable action in one of the areas of economics, ecology, or social affairs. As soon as you have successfully completed all the courses of a Micro Degree and passed the corresponding examinations, we will certify you that you have dealt intensively with your chosen topic at university level.
13. What is a Micro Degree for?
Whether to supplement your application documents or out of personal interest in future-oriented skills: our Micro Degrees can help you to further your education in a target-oriented manner and in line with your interests.
You can also have the three courses included in the Micro Degree credited to your studies (with the number of credit points specified in each case, a maximum of 9 credit points in total). Please contact the respective contact person at your university.
14. Which courses have to be taken for which Micro Degree?
We offer three different Micro Degrees, which include the following courses:
Sustainable Business: Nachhaltiges Management, Sustainability Marketing, Weltfinanzsystem und Nachhaltigkeit
Sustainable Ecology: Klimaschutz und Klimaanpassung, Energiewende, Menschliche Ernährung und ökologische Folgen
Sustainable Society: Civic Ecology - A Pathway to Sustainability, Weltbevölkerung und weltweite Migration, Gesellschaftliches Engagement für nachhaltige Entwicklung durch Stiftungen
15. Is a registration necessary to complete a Micro Degree?
You do not have to register separately for the Micro Degrees. Simply complete the courses combined to form a Micro Degree. As usual, we will issue you with a certificate for each successfully completed course. As soon as you have acquired all the certificates required to obtain a Micro Degree, we will issue you with the certificate for the Micro Degree. Contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) as soon as you have successfully completed all the courses associated with a Micro Degree and we will send you your certificate.

16. Who can I contact in case of any further open questions?
In case you have a relevant question concerning the contents of learning videos or the general process, we encourage you to post your question in the forum of the learning platform. In this way your question is being answered together with questions from other students and students mutually benefit from one another. Questions that are not relevant for all students can be posed directly to the team of the Virtual Academy of Sustainability via E-Mail or during the weekly consultation hour.